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Speeding Ticket Midtown NYC

When most people get a speeding ticket in Midtown NYC the first thing they think of is how much the ticket is going to cost them. With speeding there is a rolling scale with smaller fines for speeds between 5-9 MPH over the limit, larger fines for 10-20 and it continues to go up from there. While this is certainly one concern of having a speeding ticket on your driving record, it is not the only one or, perhaps, the most important one. With each speeding ticket you get there are also points which go onto your driver’s license.
These points are then looked at for a variety of things including setting your insurance premiums by the auto insurance companies. The more points you have, the higher risk you are seen to be for the insurance company and therefore, your premiums will go up. Just like the fines for tickets, the number of points goes up based on how fast you are driving in Manhattan, NYC or any other area. If you’re only going 1-9 over you’ll get three points. 10 to 20 will get you 4, 20 to 30 is six and beyond that the judge can choose whether to give you 8 points or 11, which results in your license getting suspended, in addition to the fine.

Speeding Ticket Midtown NYC | Attorney to Fight for Your Rights

While getting a ticket is never a good thing, it does not automatically mean you are going to be guilty of what is written on the ticket and have to pay the fines. When you hire a traffic attorney to fight for you it is very possible to have the ticket thrown out completely, or the charges reduced. Law enforcement officers and judges who hear these types of cases have the right to adjust the ticket as they see fit, which gives your lawyer quite a bit of negotiating room. In most cases your attorney will attempt to have the ticket thrown out completely, and they are often very successful. In the event, however, that they can’t do that they can have it reduced.
Moving from a ticket for 21 miles per hour over the speed limit down to one that is only 9, for example, will result in significant savings on the ticket. Since your insurance company will only see the 9 MPH over ticket, they will not raise your premiums nearly as much as they would for one going 21 over.

Speeding Ticket Midtown NYC | Hiring a Lawyer in Manhattan & NYC

No matter how much your speeding ticket is written for, it is smart to hire a good lawyer to fight for you. Having a speeding ticket Midtown NYC taken off of your record is a great way to help save a lot of money over the long run. Keeping your insurance down is very important, and keeping these points off your license will also help ensure you don’t lose your license in the future if you get another ticket.
Having a speeding ticket Midtown NYC is more complicated and impactful than most people realize, but having a good attorney to fight it is very important. With an attorney you can keep your license and avoid paying the high fines often associated with these tickets.